“Year of Filth” – Florida’s INCITED unleash a maelstrom of metallic hardcore on their new crushing EP

Florida based heavy hardcore beast INCITED is back with a new massive offering called "Year of Filth". Stream below and get stoked, cause these guys have proven they are worth paying attention to!
South Florida’s metallic hardcore band INCITED have premiered their new EP called “Year Of Filth”, one of the most energetic heavy / metallic hardcore effort this year! The EP is full of overwhelming metallized riffs that would fire up any crowd from the get go. “Year of Filth” proves the band’s vitality and serves a perfect treat for fans of INCENDIARY alike. Dig it!

Year of Filth. Oppression and corruption are growing as we sit by idly in false comfort and safety. Wake up. Tear this system down…..

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