Video interview with hardcore act CODE BLUE COMA!

German chaotic hardcore band CODE BLUE COMA discuss their new record, their cooperation with Anchored Records, touring and some social issues.
After a brief teaser earlier this year, German hardcore band CODE BLUE COMA check back on IDIOTEQ with a proper interview feature! The band’s new record “Vs. Goliath” shows less chaotic approach to their debut EP “Triumph Of Time / Corruption Of The Body”, but its riffing and vibe is quite steadily paced and sets an amazing groove that has basically evolved for the better. Focused mainly on the band’s new 7” “Vs. Goliath” (Anchored Records), the full interview can be watched below.

Vs. Goliath” is a brand new four track EP by CODE BLUE COMA. Those four tracks are much more straighter and heavier than the old stuff without losing the well known CBC-style. They still don’t try to match up with any of today’s popular bands or genres and this record proves them right. Musically and lyrically, they are influenced by different bands like BANE or CONVERGE. As a result this record is a bracing, kind of unconvetional and remarkable release which you shouldn’t miss.

Far away from what is called trend or hype this record displays aninsatiable hunger for something more than prefabricated standards expressed in words and sound.

Photo by Jannik.

Hey there! Thanks so much for your time. What’s up? Please introduce the band to our readers, tell us about how you started and how does it feel to be back with a new record?

“Triumph of time / corruption of the body” was issued 3 years ago. What took you so long to come up with a follow up record? Also, aren’t you tempted to release a full length?

Tell us about you cooperation with Anchored Records. How did that come about?

What were the most difficult parts of putting together this record?

Can we call CODE BLUE COMA a political band? Are you into the current public discussion about the migrant crisis and refugees? What’s your stance on that?

You’re hitting the road with off the hook in just a couple of days. Are you a heavy touring band? What does touring mean for you guys and how did you team up with this particular band?

Ok, so wrapping it up, what is your personal experience with this band? What does it mean to you and where do you see this project in, let’s say, 5 years from now?

Great, thanks! Cheers for the chat and your introduction to CODE BLUE COMA. Good luck on tour and take care!



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