SORE EYELIDS and ФАКЕЛ release an astounding new split record!

Swedish emotional indie punks SORE EYELIDS join their forces with hearty screamo act ФАКЕЛ / FLAMBEAU from Saint Petersburg; new captivating split record out now via lifeisafunnything!
Stockholm emo punk trio SORE EYELIDS and Saint-Petersburg, Russia’s emotional screamo act ФАКЕЛ / FLAMBEAU have premiered a full stream of their enchanting new split record! The tear-stained 4-tracker is slated for a vinyl release on September 1st via lifeisafunnything label.

The record succeeds through a well fitted mixture of SORE EYELIDS’ tender soundscapes and more aggressive stylings of contemporary emotional screamo presented by FLAMBEAU. They have captured that visceral feel of seemingly two different aesthetic directions perfectly! Listen and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo: ФАКЕЛ

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