Ska hardcore punks THE BEST OF THE WORST release new album Painted Fools

THE BEST OF THE WORST continue their upward trajectory on their new smashing record 'Painted Fools'!
Discovered back in 2013, NJ ska hardcore punk rockers THE BEST OF THE WORST have released their new album “Painted Fools” on Bandcamp as a free download. You can hear it below and order a copy at the Choke Artist store! These guys show themselves to be one of melodic ska punk rock’s torchbearers and offer their listeners powerful vibes in its immediate presentation. Drink up, cause it’s a one hell of a tasty offering.

The band commented:

This is our fifth studio release in our ten years as a band. We spent more time rehearsing these songs than any other album we’ve done and feel that it shows in the music.

We didn’t realize at the time, but “Painted Fools” is our most thematic album to date. The album touches on the gripes we face coming into our middle age: falling out of touch with friends, people around you changing for the worse, feeling complacent and struggling with making choices, the banalities of everyday life..etc. It wasn’t really planned, but it came together pretty cohesively; I think we were just all feeling the same sort of way at once.

Thanks to anyone has booked us for a show, offered us a place to crash on tour, bought a shirt or cd, streamed a song, or laughed at the our band as we set up to play. We do this for ourselves, the friends we made along the way, and to refute the people who think that a band with horns can’t do anything interesting in the year 2017.

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