Raging hardcore punks from EXHAUSTION premiere new video ‘Abomination’

Distro-y Records and French raw, brawly hardcore act EXHAUSTION team up with IDIOTEQ to give you an exclusive premiere of their new music video for the track "Abomination". Watch below!
EXHAUSTION - Abomination
Caen, France based uncompromising hardcore punks from EXHAUSTION have teamed up with 2 amazing DIY labels Distro-y Records and Destructure Records to deliver their 2nd LP ‘Surrounded By The Depths’ (out this April), and we’re thrilled to unveil their new track and disturbing music video “Abomination”, described by the band’s vocalist Sylvain Etasse:

“The picture is a combination of fictional and real footage that was filmed during the 40’s, the 50’s and the 60’s. All of them are attempts to illustrate psychological distress in different forms. “Abomination” like a couple of other songs on “Surrounded by the Depths” album deal with the psychological impacts of the environment, the economic system and norms upon individuals.”

Taking influences from both sides of the Atlantic Exhaustion deliver an unforgiving hardcore assault. With ‘Surrounded By The Depths’ containing 12 tracks which weaver through many facets of hardcore bring medley of Scandinavian Kang punk, with the ferocity of Japanese hardcore, with a crushing sound similar to that of World Burns To Death and Deathraid. Simply put the Caen outfit are ones to watch this year as ‘Surrounded By The Depths’ drops in April.

Please check out EXHAUSTIONs previous LP ‘In The Realm Of Defeat’:

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