Metallic hardcore act FIRM STANDING LAW premiere new EP “Unashamed”!

Carry The Weight Records (UK/EU), Plead Your Case Records (USA) and Life.Lair.Regret Records (AUS) team up for a solid new offering from sXe hardcore act FIRM STANDING LAW!
Just a couple of months after their debut demo, UK straight edge metallic hardcore band FIRM STANDING LAW is back with a new 4 track EP called ‘Unashamed’! The 7” is being co-released by a trio of amazing hardcore labels: Life Lair Regret Records, Carry The Weight Records and PLEAD YOUR CASE Fanzine/Records. The band features members of xREPENTANCEx, COLD SNAP, NEVER AGAIN and COLD WORLD, and delivers a serious punch of JUDGE, STRIFE and MOUTHPIECE inspired grooves with a strong X mark on top. Check it out and catch them live in London on June 18th (see the flyer below).

Firm Standing Law live at The Black Heart, Camden. 30/01/2017 from BaronxBones on Vimeo.

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