Fun punks STUPID KARATE release a tongue-in-cheek video for their party track “Stand out of my sunlight”

French fast hardcore punk rockers STUPID KARATE release new video for the closing track of their recent EP "Punk is a free pricing corpse"
7 months after our interview for IDIOTEQ, Lille, France’s raging melodic hardcore punks STUPID KARATE are back with a new music video for the track “Stand out of my sunlight”, coming from their EP “Punk is a free pricing corpse”, released earlier this year. Join the wild ride and listen to the full EP below!


I’m a rock in your shoe
The mirror of your inner lose
No one can hurt me
Look at you, I’m free

(Pray to your gods I want anarchy
Barking like a dog I spit on your ideologies) X2

He’s the first punk in history
Father of Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy and Johnny
Living in a jar with living rats
Like a bum in a russian dead squat

Thousand years before 77
There was only hell, no place for heaven

Only interested by wine and poems
Sodomized at ten to become a man

I don’t wanna be a lighthouse in the storm
The trash, the filth is my new kingdom

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