Finish thrash hardcore band M.O.R.A. release new album ‘Enteet’

Helsinki's thrash hardcore punks M.O.R.A. release new EP; full stream & accompanying music video available
All the crossover experiments between metal and hardcore  band have done so many great things for the evolution of both genres  since their original incarnation, yet it’s always great to see some bands remaining consistent with a gritty brutality that made classic thrash bands great. M.O.R.A.‘s new record “Enteet” rejects some if the traditional elements and strives to to inject a jolt of energy into your everyday routine with a modern twist. The band is just one week away from their upcoming record release party in Helsinki, and they have just unveiled the full early stream of the new record! Check it out and watch their new video for the title track below.

Photo by Jetro Stavén Photography / Cover art by Jussi Kokkarinen / Impact Tattoo

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