Carry The Weight Records unveils a crushing new LP from metalcore act DRAWING LAST BREATH!

Southern Florida's DRAWING LAST BREATH pay tribute to UNDYING / PRAYER FOR CLEANSING 90s metalcore with their new epic LP 'Final Sacrifice'
Almost a year after the premiere of their latest EP on Carry The Weight Records, Florida based metalcore act DRAWING LAST BREATH return with a new full length offering “Final Sacrifice”, loaded with great metallic riffage, rawness, undiscribable aggression and indirect melodies that revive the good old memories of the pioneers of the genre. It’s also imporant to mention that the record once again lives up to the reputation the Carry The Weight label has built for itself and its collaborators over the last couple of years. DRAWING LAST BREATH find just the right balance between cleasing aggression and rapid melody while maintaining a pace that seems really impressive.

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