Metallic hardcore pack CARCOSA (members of INCENDIARY) premiere new track “Pillager”

Dark metallic hardcore pack CARCOSA team up with us to give you their new track called "Pillager", tackling the subject of religion and power.
Despite its gloomy and dark nature, NYC metallized hardcore heavyweights CARCOSA (members of INCENDIARY) is never depressing or dull. After a number of shows alongside TRAP THEM, IRON REAGAN, GATECREEPER, ROTTEN SOUND, and CROWBAR, to name a few, the band is ready to roll out a proper weapon and premiere their new self-titled record, slated for a State Of Mind Records premiere this Summer (pre-order here). Mastered by Brad Boatright (INTEGRITY, NAILS) and spiced up by bleack art work from Chad Lawson (BACKTRACK, NO WARNING, TERROR, EXPIRE), the record distilling its essence into something much thicker and denser than its base products, and we’re thrilled to give you its forerunner called “Pillager”! Listen below.

CARCOSA is: Tim Lipman, Andrew Pandolfo, Kyle Molle, and Dan Lomeli.

The band commented on the new track:

“Pillager is about religion’s role in international policy.  Religion and the belief in a higher power are methods used to breed hate as a means to gain power”

Photo by Mark Valentino

Like what you hear? Here’s more – the band’s previously released single “Walls”:

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