Malaysian AT THE DRIVE-IN influenced post hardcore act CANTILEVER rectify the unsuccessful comeback of their mentors

Kuantan's CANTILEVER release debut demo; a blistering return of a well known sound, transmitting the same sort of emotion that impacted the scene years ago; full stream available below!
Struggling with the weight of “Relationship Of Command”, the recent comeback album from post hardcore pioneers AT THE DRIVE-IN have had a rought time disappointing fans attacking it through the lens of the band’s influential past. Thankfully, there are bands out there who are blessed to have the opportunity to ignore what passes for the masses and latch on to a style that remains true to their own artistic sensibility, as well as obvious inspirations. And there’s nothing wrong in recalling the feel and graininess reminiscent of the corrosive yet easily approachable work of groundbreakers. CANTILEVER‘s “The Fall The Rise” adequately realizes the potential of the unique predecessor that always seemed to be way too hard to be replicated, and introduces a promising venture of a group that, with more unique ingredients in their aesthetic, may eventually cast its own considerable shadow.

CANTILEVER‘s debut demo “The Fall : The Rise” will be available for purchase on early August 2017.

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