Belgrade vicious emovilolence act EVA RAS release new self-titled EP

Serbian one man act EVA RAS returns with a new record on Oregon's Home Poet Records and its own Confusion Specialist Records
Our good buddy Filip Stojiljkovic (Филип Стојиљковић) returns with 5 new ultra-violent, trembling and spastic tracks that will frighten any living creature. Messy, brutal, and thrilling. Well done, brother. Listen below and grab your digital copy via this (Home Poet Records) and this location (Confusion Specialist Records).

CSR#100 – CSR’s 100th release comes out as a new S/T by a completely messy one man emoviolence Eva Ras hailing from Belgrade, Serbia! This S/T contains 5 brutally chaotic tracks and a long surreal outro lasting the entire ep in no more than 9 minutes.

Photo by Milena Janošević

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