BALCANES steer away from many of the conventions of contemporary post punk in their newest track ‘Decadencia’

Soon after the recent CVLT Nation premiere of their new track and video "Decrépita", dark noi9isy post punk act BALCANES return with a new single "Decadencia", the second half of their new 7'' EP, available on Discos Finu and Pifia Records!
On the course of the last 4 years, postmodernist, industrialized noise rock / post punk act BALCANES have delivered just 7 tracks that defined their artsy, recreated, somewhat niche version od the genre, with great sensibility. Since their excellent, sinister record “Carne Nueva” (2016), the Spanish act has gone on to gain many positive reviews and now they’re releasing a new 7” EP called “Decrépita/Decadencia”, a 2-track offering recorded in OVNI Estudio, Llanera (Asturias) under the production of James Plotkin. The record includes two tracks full of buzzes and dissonances, with lyrics invocating oppressive atmospheres, frustration and an uncertain future. Definitely two tracks from the guts of raw, pure, and obscure rock. Aside from their strong songwriting, the genius of the BALCANES lays within their unique sounds that provocatively cuts through their foggy atmospheres, without losing touch and being able to deliver compelling, beautifully articulated narrative.

Decrépita / Decadencia” 7” EP by BALCANES is out now via Discos Finu and Pifia Records.

David Ferrando Giraut’s video for the other song “Decrépita” was released earlier this Summer:

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